Serving as the Executive Chairman of the company has been a real challenge for me but I have taken comfort in knowing that our company has someone who has been with us from the beginning and been a confidant to mine like Santisuk Klongchaiya, our former Director of Commercial, as our Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Santisuk is a seasoned management and a proficient professional. At the same time, I haven’t gone anywhere far and continue to seek new opportunities for our organisation as a whole, especially in terms of making it the centre of the aviation business in Asean and Asia, making Thailand a major flight base.

In modern business, we cannot simply care for our own interests without regard for the market as a whole. If we were to do so, our leadership would eventually lead to stagnation. In the past, it was all about attracting more tourists and how much revenue they could generate. But now we need to look further and create sustainable strength, which means creating careers, opportunities and disseminating more knowledge to the Thai public and throughout our industry, so that it may compete at the regional and global levels. This development is especially necessary for strategic areas that have high potential.

An opportunity we have seen as a direct result of Thailand’s economic development policy has been that the Kingdom can be more than a transit location and is actually ready to become a centre for various aspects of investments. U-Tapao Airport, for example, can be transformed into a world-class aircraft maintenance centre. Development of aviation workforce can be boosted by setting up a national training academy, and not to mention many other development plans that cen be achieved in the future.

The mission for Thai AirAsia now, apart from growing our business to achieve target, is to reiterate our commitment to driving the aviation industry and Thailand’s economy forward as these are endeavors I know will prove worthwhile for our company.

Mr. Tassapon Bijleveld
Executive Chairman